What Do Yngwie Malmsteen and Robby Krieger Have In Common?

By James H.

Yngwie Malmsteen and Robby Krieger

Are you sick and tired of reading about which pseudo-stars wore the same dress? Let's look at something more substantive and fun. What licks have guitarists used from other sources? Everybody copies from everyone else, The Beatles and The Rolling Stones early albums helped finance the rest of Chuck Berry's life . The trick is to make it your own.

The deeper musicologists out there may already know the bridge that connects 60's psychedelic icon Robby Krieger of The Doors to the undisputed heavy weight king of neo-classical shred Yngwie Malmsteen. The answer is...
18th century baroque composer Tomaso Albinoni's poignant and beautiful "Adagio in G minor." Krieger used a Gibson SG to adapt the melody on "Feast of Friends" from the posthumously released album of Morrison's poetry recitations "An American Prayer. " Yngwie of course used his well known scalloped fingerboard Stratocaster in a fiery interpretation that he built into "Icarus Dream Suite" on the breakout solo LP "RIsing Force."

Let's avoid the temptation to rate one as "better" than the other when what we really mean is which we prefer. What are some obscure sources you've lifted licks from?

~James H., GuitarHD



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