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A Conversation With Steve Vai

Steve Vai talks about "Vai Academy 2015"

Guitar Legend Steve Vai sits down with Guitar HD’s Dallas Perkins & James H to discuss last year's Vai Academy and the upcoming August 2015 Vai Academy to be held in Vail Colorado. Some elements of the "Stillness In Motion" DVD, music as conversation regardless of skill level are also covered.



Steve Vai talks about "Vai Academy 2015" Part 2

In part 2 of GuitarHD's exclusive conversation with Steve Vai learn more about the focus for the 2015 Vai Academy; ALL ABOUT THE GUITAR - Ibanez start to finish guitar build, Larry DiMarzio demystifies pickups , Sterling Ball on strings "All My Guitars Have Balls! ," body styles and woods, set-up & intonation, scale length, and more ..."Don't Fear the Truss Rod."



Steve Vai on "Stillness In Motion: Vai Live In L.A."

Steve Vai conversation part 3. Steve talks about his latest release, “Stillness in Motion: Vai Live in L.A.” and the incredible bonus footage, "The Space Between The Notes" a behind the scenes chronological travelogue documenting every stop from his latest and very extensive tour.



Steve Vai Remembering Randy Coven

by Dallas Perkins

Randy Coven, Steve Vai - Morning Thunder

I first met Randy when I was going to Berklee College of Music.
When you’re young, at least for me, it was a little bit frightening entering Berklee (laughs) because when I got there I just felt that more than likely everyone was going to be a better guitar player than myself.

I remember thinking, how was I going to fit in?  There were obviously some wildly talented people there. There were some guitar players that I came to know there that could play intelligently and SO WELL? I couldn’t even believe it!

So people would segregate into groups of musicians that would gravitate to one another’s skill level so to speak. And Randy was part of that group that was just notches above my level.  He really had such an incredible way of playing…and at that time Jaco (Pastorius) was very popular so Randy was also playing a fretless bass and he could just play!…his tone, his fingers, his chops! It was just amazing!

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Joel Hoekstra ~ Essential Inspiration

by James H.

Joel Hoekstra is easily the hardest working man in show business these days. Even when the great James Brown held the title, he would be a slacker couch potato compared to the constant gigging and recording of Hoekstra. Between Night Ranger, Rock of Ages, Trans Siberian Orchestra and numerous other studio and live gigs it seems the list of artists he hasn't worked with is shorter than the one he has. Joel was generous and cool enough to take some time with us to share his thoughts on some seminal albums that shaped his future as a guitarist.

James: So, what if you were to suggest a handful of what you consider to be essential guitar albums that every self-respecting guitarist should own and know intimately.

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Steve Morse '96 ~ The Deep Purple Endeavour

by John Stix

For over two decades I’ve been speaking with guitarists at all ends of the food chain, from the Garden headliner to the guy who plays in his backyard garden. And the one consistent message I keep seeing (and repeating) is that it takes talent, luck and persistence to get what you want. Just look at guitarist Steve Morse, for example. His talent has long been recognized by guitar lovers all over the world. His style is as recognizable as Jeff Beck’s or Yngwie Malmsteen’s. His luck has gone up and down over the years. While helping define instrumental rock in the post Blow by Blow era, Morse and his band, The Dregs, never rode it to the top like some who followed him (Joe Satriani, Eric Johnson, and Gary Hoey). For Steve Morse just making a living by following his own muse was enough. That he’s still at it makes him luckier than most. And his persistence has now lead to him to the good fortune of joining Deep Purple, and finding the kind of international spotlight he has long deserved.

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