History of Guitar Faces

History of Guitar Faces

by James H.

At some point in the not too distant past a phenomenon peculiar to the guitar sprang in to existence; guitar faces. While early pioneers of the electric guitar maintained a stoic countenance or perhaps a playful Les Paul smile, the wild dramatic ever-changing 
facial expressions seemed to hit their stride in the late 1960's and continue to persist to this day.

In any circumstance minus a guitar, say on an airplane or at a restaurant, if you saw a person making Robin Trower ecstasy faces or Jimmy Page motor-boat spitting, you'd call for immediate medical assistance . But place an electric guitar in that person's hands and the scene makes sense.

It's difficult to determine exactly who, when and where with the origin of this mysterious practice. Some scientists theorize that there is a specific gene which predisposes one to such contortions. Maybe it was Buddy Guy who begat Jimi Hendrix who subsequently turned on the whole world. Even my 7 year old nephew understood the power of guitar faces when rocking "Mississippi Queen" on Guitar Hero.

So, let's hear from you . Who does the best guitar faces, the most absurd, the earliest, new innovations? Do you make them consciously or not?



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