Bogner Continues To Strike Gold

Reinhold Bogner is an architect and alchemist of sound whose name and products are familiar to all tone hounds. Do yourself a favor and check out this trio of videos featuring the Goldfinger 54 Phi amp, the La Grange Distortion and the Harlow Compressor. In addition to the expected awesome tones Bogner features very talented players that you may not be familiar with ; Rod Castro uses a looper to construct a moody piece with a sweet clean tone then engages the La Grange for a tasty solo. Lance Lopez and Doug Rappoport tour all the glorious richness of the La Grange in a way that brought the classic tones and licks of Steve Hunter and Dick Wagner to mind. Owen Barry shows the versatility of the Bogner Goldfinger 54 Phi amp in a variety of contexts including some nice slide playing.

~James H., GuitarHD







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